Events in Oberkirch / Black Forest

Events, entertainment, festivals Oberkirch, Black Forest, Germany

We provide an up-to-date list of interesting events in Oberkirch, Renchtal and Ortenau - all top events between the Black Forest and Strasbourg.

Events / Festival 2019

30.08 - 02.09: Wine Festival Oberkirch

13. - 15.12: Christmas Market Oberkirch


Events / Festival 2020

09.05: Night of Music Oberkirch
23.-24.05: Strawberry Festival Oberkirch

10.07: Festival of Lights Oberkirch

??.?? - ??.??: Wine Festival Oberkirch

??. - ??.12: Christmas Market Oberkirch




Events and entertainment in Oberkirch / Black Forest!

The Hotel Pflug with terrace is located beautifully between the Black Forest and Strasbourg in the impressive Renchtal valley. The cozy Black Forest hotel is close to Freiburg, Baden Baden, Offenburg, Karlsruhe, the Alsace in France, the famous Europa Park in Rust and the airports in Baden Baden and Strasbourg. Enjoy this wonderful accommodation in the medieval town of Oberkirch.



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