Festival of Lights 2021 in Oberkirch

Festival of Lights 2021 in Oberkirch

The "Oberkirch Festival of Lights" is the setting of a very special celebration of lights. Countless luminous lights, often having a size of up to seven meters, are on display in the streets and alleys. The Oberkircher retailers invite you to a summer night shopping until midnight. Music entertains in the old streets where a taste of Baden cuisine can be found as well as many catering stalls where the interested tourist can browse and linger. A night flea market in the candlelight is also on show.

This wonderful event occurs once a year in a summer where all visitors can expect something very special. 

Date of Festival of Lights in Oberkirch to be announced!

Event includes

  • Unique festival in the city centre
  • Vast light display throughout the city
  • Shops opened until midnight
  • Live music and dance shows
  • Lots of great food and drink
  • Entertainment throughout the city


Display of lights, music & dance

Each year a magic show of lights is held along with a traditional concert in the city garden. The musical entertainment is provided by the Harmonica Friends artists and Orchestra of Oberkirch.

On this evening the lovingly illuminated city garden shines  with thousands of tiny lights. Visitors can expect a summer evening with a very special atmosphere. The Oberkirch Light Procession, with its rich culture and cuisine is also a highlight not to be missed.


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The Hotel Pflug with terrace is located beautifully between the Black Forest and Strasbourg in the impressive Renchtal valley. The cozy Black Forest hotel is close to Freiburg, Baden Baden, Offenburg, Karlsruhe, the Alsace in France, the famous Europa Park in Rust and the airports in Baden Baden and Strasbourg. Enjoy this wonderful accommodation in the medieval town of Oberkirch.



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