Black Forest Gateau - enjoy the taste!

Black Forest Gateau - Cake from the Black Forest

The best taste of course is the world-famous Black Forest Gateau. Only the very envious would attempt to claim that this wonderful cake originated outside the Schwarzwälder.

This Black Forest sweet seduction has become a brand ambassador almost as prominent as the Bollenhut and the cuckoo clock. Kirsch (cherry Schnapps) one of the most important ingredients is produced locally here. It is only in the Black Forest where the right cherries can thrive to become a nobility for this delight. If you want to bake this cake at home why not stock up with kirsch whilst on vacation. Even the recipe for home baking can be found here.



Your cosy hotel in the Black Forest!

The Hotel Pflug with restaurant and beer garden is located beautifully between the Black Forest and Strasbourg in the impressive Renchtal valley. The cosy Black Forest hotel is close to Freiburg, Baden Baden, Offenburg, Karlsruhe, the Alsace in France, the famous Europa Park in Rust and the airports in Baden Baden and Strasbourg. Enjoy this wonderful accommodation in the medieval town of Oberkirch.



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